Heidi Rose Robbins

Welcome to Luminosity

Astrological study to inspire us, poetry to help crack us open, and group work to awaken our power.

If you value connection, fiery encouragement, & growth, you are in the right place. 

Think of this space as a virtual retreat. 

We will have special guests, writing, movement, art, Q & A’s, astrological study, and so much more! 


  • Be gentle with yourself 
  • Practice gestures of love
  • Increase your radiance

This community is a well we can all go to get feet-on-the-earth empowerment & inspiration to help us take the next best step in our lives. Let’s find our stride together, living lives that are true to our bones, that awaken our own very whole heart.

Let’s experience our own LUMINOSITY.

We can cultivate this together. Won’t you join us? 

Here is what you’ll find in Luminosity:

  • 20+ hours of Self-Paced Astrology Courses - Heidi offers two of her signature courses, Zodiac Love (valued at $148) and Planetary Love (valued at $350) to help you learn how to use the energies in your chart in the most conscious and loving ways.

  • Live Sessions with Heidi (talks, Q&A’s, meditations, and more)

  • Special Guests from Heidi’s community to help us expand (we will write, we will move, we will create, and more!)

  • Exclusive Access to events and offerings only available to the Luminosity community.

  • Giveaways because Heidi likes surprises

  • A Stream of Poetry and Art to crack us open and help us to receive

  • A Luminous Community where we can connect as a whole AND share in breakout groups of people who share our Rising Sign (Soul Purpose).

About Heidi (your host): 

Heidi Rose Robbins has been a professional astrologer for 25 years, helping thousands of clients all over the globe live with more authenticity and clarity. She hosts two podcasts, THE RADIANCE PROJECT, featuring poetry, astrology, and good company, and CHART YOUR CAREER, with co-host Ellen Fondiler. Twice a year, she leads Radiant Life Retreats, for people wishing to take a deeper dive into her work.

Heidi has written two books of poetry, This Beckoning Ceaseless Beauty and Wild Compassion, and has been a featured poet at two TedX events. Last year, her 12-book series The Zodiac Love Letters, was published by One Idea Press, and this upcoming fall, her new book, Everyday Radiance--based on her daily Instagram offerings--will be published by Chronicle.

Heidi grew up in Fargo, North Dakota, learning the zodiac with her A,B,C’s, and calls herself “a poet with a map of the heavens in her pocket.”

She lives in Los Angeles with her husband and two kids.